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Solitar bee (Anthidium florentinum)

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My quilting class really lit a fire in me and I am now quite passionate about quilting!  All the blogs out there about quilting have just been fuel to the fire.  You’ll find some of my favorites in the blogroll.

When purusing Oh, Fransson’s post on virtual quilting bees I was immediately sold and determined to sign up for one.  Here’s the concept:

  • 12 Members involved in a bee at a time
  • Each member is assigned a month when they get to be “queen bee”.  When it’s their turn they send fabric to the other 11 members with instructions for the theme of their quilt or what they are hoping to get back in terms of size/design/etc.  At the end of the month you receive 11 squares to help toward your quilt top!
  • For 11 months you are a sewer/worker bee responsible for creating a beautiful and creative square.

For those interested, here is the discussion where people post their interest in bees and need for members.Just my luck I was a few days behind the rush of new bees starting or people looking for members.  Since I’m already doing my share for the US economy I was also looking for a local bee and they were all full :-(.  So of course I have created my own quilting bee and have been pounding the pavement looking for new members.  If you know someone in Australia/Tasmania interested in joining a bee, please forward this along!

In the meantime, I’ve raised my hand (pick me, pick me) to be considered for other international bees.  Bees (and quilting overall) seem to be dominant in the US so there are an abundance of quilting bees/bloggers there.  I think this will be a great way to continue to learn new techniques while being inspired by other quilters!  Wish me luck!


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September 22, 2010 at 1:05 pm

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