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Pure by Sweetwater for Moda


So I may have played hookie from work for a few hours in order to catch a fabric sale at Remnant Warehouse!  They are having a 25% off their designer fabrics which means fabric prices are closer to reasonable.  I didn’t NEED any fabric since I have a box of 2 jelly rolls and some quilting books en route.  BUT who can resist a sale!!  Walking into Remnant Warehouse was like a dream come true!  I have truly found another passion in life!  I bought the layer cake to the left (42, 10″ squares of various fabrics within the fabric line).  While I wait for the fabrics to make my next three (gift) quilts I figured I would make something for me! 

I am thinking of using this fabric in a quilt along, although this quilt along ended a LONG time ago, the instructions are still there and I”m ready to try my hand at some pinwheels! 

Pinwheel quilt by Old Barn Co– Scroll to March 11, 2010 

I just got home and opened my layer cake and this fabric is YUMMY!  Can’t wait to start cutting on it…will post more pics this weekend showing progress! 


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September 23, 2010 at 12:48 pm

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