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I have not packed a stitch of clothing however I have been running around since last weeekend preparing for my 20 hour flight to Turkey (long flights = another disadvantage to living in a country that is not remotely close to anything else).  Based on reading blogs and Flickr discussions I believe I will be able to take a pair of small craft scissors (still fabric scissors) on the plane.  So I made another trip to Lincraft (I honestly don’t think a week passes without me going to this store) for some smaller scissors and a sewing box to store my fabric, pattern, sewing needles for the trip (not a fan of the color but that’s all they had!). 

I have been stalking blogs and doing google searches to get ideas for a pattern that would require hand sewing so I could take it on the plane with me.  The idea of no sewing for a week was a painful one!  I have settled on Texas Freckles’ hexagon quilt along.  I will only put a dent in this quilt during the two flights and while I am at the conference for the week but the plan is to continue to work on this quilt during future road trips and flights to/from the US.  Hopefully this won’t still be sitting in my WIPs (work in progress) next year this time!

Texas Freckles does  a great job of giving a one stop shop for all things hexagons, she even provided a download for 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ hexagons and provided the link to the hexagons generator in the event you want a random sized hexagon!  I hoped to use the 1.5″ hexagons but due to using a jelly roll for this project I am stuck with the 1″ (which seems to be pretty common).

Now I just have two days to cut out a million (may be a slight exaggeration) 1″ hexagons from paper, prepare my fabric and then I can focus on getting my clothes in order.  It’s all about priorities!

Oh, and YES I am excited about my all expense paid trip to Istanbul for a work conference.  I will even have the chance to catch up with a colleague from the US who is also attending!


Written by Kyishia

October 6, 2010 at 10:45 am

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