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Christmas Came Early

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Anticipating coming home (to the US) for the holidays I have been ordering fabric online and having it shipped to my mom’s house.  Fabric is SO MUCH cheaper in the US in comparison to AU. 

I anticipated both of these sets of fabric to be boy quilts but the one to the left looks a little too girly in person.  I may be able to save the one on the right with a bit of blue solid fabric.  What do you think?

I stacked up on some solids during Canton Village Quilt Works Kona Solids sale.  I also plan to use some of these fabrics when working on the purple quilt mentioned here

My mom also bought me some fabric.  It’s not speaking to me at the moment so I’ll likely add it to my stash until I find a pattern that speaks to me.

She also got me some fat quarters…which are great stash builders (thanks Mom!).

I must admit I am anxious to get back to AU and in front of my sewing machine to get started on my next quilts!  I started a list today and I have 7 (SEVEN!!!!!!!!) baby quilts to finish by March.


Written by Kyishia

December 23, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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