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A few of my friends have asked why it takes so long to post the finished pictures after I show the quilt top so I thought I’d take pictures of this quilt as I go through the basting, quilting and binding process.

I decided to add a small border of white fabric, I thought this would make the binding pop a little more.

And then I basted, which is a quilt sandwich.  The back goes on the floor first (face down) followed by the batting (I used 100% cotton for all my quilts), and the quilt top.  I use quilting safety pins (that are slightly curved) to keep all three layers together.

This picture also shows the quilting after one day.  Keep in mind it’s summer here and HOT.  The last thing you want is for a quilt to be laying across your lap while you sit in an un- air conditioned apartment!  So I typically sew for 1-2 hours in the evenings when it is “cooler”.  I was able to finish the quilting on this one in 3 days.  Here is a close up of the meandering.

Here’s a shot of the back, quilting is done and the batting trimmed.


Check out this yummy goodness!  If you don’t recall my FAVORITE part of the quilting process is taking it out the dryer and the way it puckers and feels like an official quilt!  I would never give away a quilt without washing it first just to see this effect.

I intended to have a bolder fabric for the binding but the fabric I ordered online wasn’t what I thought it was.  And of course I didn’t realize this until it was already here!

I didn’t get to see this one finished but I hope it is well-loved by its new owner.  Keisha let me know when you get it!!


Written by Kyishia

February 8, 2011 at 3:04 am

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