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First Quilt to Sell!

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My apologies I have been neglecting my sewing and this blog, but I had good reason! Last week I had a bit of an accident involving a kitchen knife the resulted in an overnight stay in the hospital, hand surgery and seven stitches!  I have now been advised to try to start normal use of my thumb again and spent all morning on the sewing machine!

For those of you who don’t know I have been working on my etsy store!  I am excited to have it nearly ready to launch, I just need some quilts to list!!  So this morning I pulled out this fabric because I didn’t buy it with anyone in mind and I thought the fabric was gender neutral.

I selected one of the quilts from my flickr inspiration gallery.  I wanted a basic pattern that I could complete in one day, so I selected this quilt.  That pile of fabric quickly became this stack of 4″ squares.  Looking at the picture from FITF’s blog I think her squares may have been a bit larger, but that’s ok.


A few hours later I was admiring this baby quilt pleased as punch with myself.  The quilt measures 43″x 53″.  I need to order some more fabric for the binding and the back of the quilt but I’m pretty sure I’ll go with a yellow or orange for the back to keep it gender neutral.

I made a few of these blocks to use on the back, I like the pieced back look. 

Not bad for a saturday morning huh?


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March 12, 2011 at 6:01 am

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