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I had visitors this week which meant I needed to clean my sewing table which also doubles as the dining room table (hey, the sacrifices we make when moving overseas!).  I came across a bag of batting and the timing couldn’t have been better since I’m in the middle of a few baby quilt projects.  Of course there wasn’t a whole piece big enough for any of my quilts but I have read enough quilting blogs to know I could piece some batting.  After all this stuff is $25.00 per metre!! 

I started here because crazymomquilts gives great tutorials but soon realized that I only had one straight edge from the manufacturer and this tutorial wouldn’t work for me.  BUT I was reminded of my quilting teacher’s insights on piecing binding and that it could be done if you created your own matching edges by overlapping the two pieces and cutting zigzag lines.  I sewed the pieces together using a large whip stitch in neutral color quilting thread. 

AmandaJean only does one stitch, in this case I needed to do three, just call me frugal but I am determined not to let any of this batting go to waste!  The key to success is pulling the thread tight enough where there are no gaps but not too tight that the batting overlaps.  This took me about 45 minutes to complete and I am pleased as punch not to have to go out and buy more for one of my quilts!


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March 23, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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  1. […] I was piecing and sewing more than I actually needed.  I also finished piecing the batting (see here) and basted the quilt.  I only managed to get all this done because I had house guests who wanted […]

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