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So I had some drama last week with my sewing needles.  I actually broke FOUR NEEDLES while trying to work on one project.  It was traumatizing (literally) because I recently saw a quilt on etsy that highlighted a section of the quilt with a “scar” from where the needle broke and she kept stitching before she realized it.  This all happened while working on this quilt for a friend so I wanted to be sure my needle issues weren’t impacting the quality of my work!  I checked and double checked so this was just a frustrating learning experience and not something to cause me to scrap this project!

I have since realized what the issue was….CHEAP NEEDLES!  I order all my fabric from fabricshack and each time they include a little gift (e.g. a card with normal quilt measurements, measuring tape) and last month’s package included some sewing needles.  The timing was perfect because I needed new sewing needles and these actually fit my machine!  Since I was running through these needles like a mad woman, I did some research before placing an order for some new needles and found out the free needles got terrible reviews on :-(.  I even decided against the singer needles (even though I have a singer machine) and went for the Schmetz needles and BOY can I tell the difference!!  The machine even sounds different!  I think I am converted!  Schmetz is supposed to be a premium brand but they weren’t that much more expensive than the Singer ($.50-$1.00).

For my sewers out there, what needles do you use?  Any other good recommendations?


Written by Kyishia

April 19, 2011 at 1:23 pm

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