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One of the things I was most looking forward to this long weekend was the opportunity to sew!  I even jetted to the fabric shop on my lunch break on Thursday to pick up some coordinating solids to ensure there was nothing in my way of knocking out a baby quilt.  Remember this fabric?  Well I used one of AmandaJean’s patterns and created a zigzag quilt which really reminds me of waves, maybe it’s living so close to the beach that does that to me! 

I cut the fabric and placed the blocks for half of the quilt in one night.  The following day I laid the remainder of the blocks and started to sew the rows on the diagonal.  Surprisingly I only had to pick apart and restart one of

the rows because I got the placement wrong.  I initially planned this quilt for one of Reggie’s friends who is having a baby girl.  She is a Delta so I tried to be respectful and make a quilt that wasn’t pink and green BUT Reggie said the colors were still too close!!  I swear fushia is purple and not pink!!  Anyway, this is their loss as the quilt will now sell in my etsy store!  I’ll post an update once I have the quilt finished (hopefully by Tuesday night).  Now I can’t bring myself to make a red and white quilt just yet so they just got bumped down my priority list :-?.

Here’s the quilt all squared up.  The top left hand corner didn’t turn out as planned but I think it adds character.  I’ll likely add my label in that corner.

This quilt measures 45×45″.

Now what to do for my pieced back?!?


Written by Kyishia

April 25, 2011 at 9:00 am

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