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June is the last month in the Ravishing in Red bee.  And unlucky for me it’s also my month!  There has only been 3 replies to my post giving the directions for the block (and one was mine!) so I”m not overly hopeful of getting the blocks back on time.  Let’s just keep our fingers crossed I get all the blocks back at some point!  This bee has really just died out, I think people have committed themselves elsewhere and just don’t seem to be as interested.  I am doubtful there will be another round for this bee which is ok because a few weeks ago I just happened to come across another Aussie bee! 

Sew Australia started in June and I received some GORGEOUS henna fabric for the block.  I am on a mission this week to finish all my bee blocks (finished June’s bee in oz block Sun night) and I have one more for Bee in Oz to conquer tonight.  I don’t like to have other people’s fabric sitting on my sewing table while I am off on holiday so this has been a priority!

This is another block that I would have SWORN was paper pieced!  We used this tutorial which honestly stumped me when it came to cutting the triangles into the end of the rectangle strip of henna fabrics.  I stuffed up the first one I did (sorry!) and had to come up with my own solution because it just did not make sense to me!  She sent so much fabric that I felt a bit of pressure to make two blocks (even though it finished at 14 inches).  Pressure may have been compounded by the fact that the first person to post pictures of their finished block made two as well!  These blocks literally took me all night!  I was home by 6:30 yesterday (a miracle!) and all I managed to do was cook dinner and sew these two blocks before it was time to get in the bed! 

These blocks were hard to part with (and so was this fabulous fabric!).  This fabric is now at the top of my list to purchase!  I don’t feel guilty since I’ll soon be back home and have dedicated one of my empty suitcases to fabric, batting and other quilting notions!


Written by Kyishia

June 7, 2011 at 10:25 am

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