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I have mentioned to a few of you that I have been trying to find “real life” quilting friends.  I started this journey a few weeks ago when I attended a NSW Guild meeting…I wasn’t impressed….Surprisingly one of the Bee in Oz participants (flickr quilting bee) reads my blog, saw my discontent and invited me to another quilt meeting!!  This one is called the Sydney SCQuilters (stands for Southern Cross Quilters).  She (Kate) even met me at the train station to walk me over to the pub!  I think it’s great that the quilting meeting takes place in a pub!!!  Kate told me the meeting was far more diverse in ages but not so much in race.  This was my expectation all along so I wasn’t surprised but Kate made a good point…Australia does not have the history that the US does (meaning shipping Africans over to be sold into slavery) so of course there would be far less black people (and we don’t seem to be migrating here at a rapid pace either).  Enough of that, this was a great group of women.  I even met someone with a 15 year old that has a flexible school schedule and would be interested in hanging out with Raechel (my sister) when she comes over next month!  That’s a win/win.

Once again, I didn’t take pictures…last weekend was not my day for taking pictures.  BUT I am featured in the SCQuilters blog!  Warning, I straightened my hair that morning and it seems I lost the battle because it is a mess in these pics!!


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June 8, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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  1. […] get the opportunity to hang out with one of the women (Claire) my age from the SCquilter’s meeting.  It was alot of fun chatting all things quilting with someone my age!!!  She was gracious […]

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