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Bee in Oz February

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That’s right, this is my february bee in oz block.  I was procrastinating and I have apologized to the owner, but let me explain!  This block is based on Oh Fransson’s Tokyo Subway map which is an AMAZING quilt!  We were sent a fat quarter and some white fabric and asked to use fabric from our stash to complete the block.  I had to go out and buy some grey fabric because I didn’t actually have any in my stash but in the course of taking so long to make the block I lost the fat quarter I bought and actually did find some grey in my stash that my mother sent me (thanks Mom!).  My stash (as in scraps) is a mess, they aren’t color coordinated and I knew I didn’t have alot in the colors required for my assigned block.  This came out a bit wonky (crooked).  I unpicked and resewed and still didn’t have any luck lining up all these little 2.5″ squares! 

Anyway, I finally finished the block.  I knew I would before I went on vacation and now ALL my bee blocks are finished for the month!  I wish I could say all my quilts that are meant to be taken home as gifts were finished as well :-(.

Last night I did spend some time finishing some binding in preparation for a few finished quilts.  This is the first time I have done my binding before the quilt was finished!  Making binding used to be painful but it is growing on me!

And yes that is black binding!  I’m excited about how it is going to make one of my secret quilts pop!  I am envisioning a very similar effect as the red binding on the Constellation quilt.


Written by Kyishia

June 9, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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