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Clearing My WIPs

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I know it’s been awhile since I have blogged but I have been SEWING LIKE A MAD WOMAN.  I had two WIPs (works in progress) on my sewing table when my sewing machine broke.  One was this baby quilt that needed to be quilted.  I started the quilting at Claire’s last week but managed to put the final touches on the binding tonight (there is one upside to being sick and stuck to the couch all day).

Shamefully this is the third quilt I have made just like this, all three use the same pattern and Bliss fabrics.  A friend requested that I make the second one and each charm pack yields two quilts so of course I had to make another!  This one is going to Reggie’s little sister.  I’m late because Christina is going on 2 now but better late than never right!

I love polka dots! 

I will likely make another one of these quilts but next time I will at least try to stray from the Bliss fabrics!!

I’m working on the binding for a queen size quilt for one of my best friends (Kaleena), this has been nearly a year in the making and I am so glad to have this one near completion! 

More blog posts to come soon!


Written by Kyishia

August 30, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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