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Pink Positive Update

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Apologies for not posting more regularly!  My camera is broken and I am now relying on borrowing friends in order to catch up on blogging! 

I finished the pink positive quilt but I have mixed feelings about it.  For the background go here and here.  I think the fabric was perfect for this pattern and I really enjoyed making it.

I LOVE the binding, it really pops against all the fabrics in the quilt and ESPECIALLY against the back fabric.

It was also a no brainer to use my new pink labels, doesn’t it go well?!?

Everything seemed to align perfectly on this quilt until…I WASHED IT!  I don’t prewash fabrics and if I have a slight worry that fabrics will bleed then I use a color catcher in the wash.  I was a bit worried about one of the fabrics so I used a color catcher AND IT STILL BLEED ON THE QUILT!!!

See the fabric with the grey background and pink pattern?  Well it is not my friend. The issue isn’t just this quilt but I have already quilted and nearly finished the binding on the 2nd of 3 quilts!  UGGHH!  I have never had this happen before and I’m not sure how to handle it.  Part of me believes that it is hard for anyone but me to see the bleeding and it won’t be noticeable, but what does it do for the life of the quilt??

I certainly won’t use this fabric on the last quilt but the jury is still out on how to handle the first two!

What do yall think?


Written by Kyishia

October 30, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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