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Quilt 2 of 3 (More Pink & Green)

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When I finish a quilt I usually like to have an idea of the pattern for the next one.  I was expecting to finish the last one so soon so I wasn’t quite prepared and needed to do a bit of research.  I have a list of patterns for quilts I would like to make (kept in an excel spreadsheet of course) but none of these seemed just right.

I have decided on this square quilt.  I like alot of crazymomquilt’s quilt tops, especially for baby quilts.  She uses alot of white and bright colors so that is right up my alley.  I think the contrast of pink and green fabrics will really pop in this quilt (reminder, I’m working on quilt 2 of 3 for my sorority sisters). 

I am also considering making a wonky star quilt for the third quilt.  But let me not get ahead of myself!

 Work has been getting in the way of sewing so I actually drafted this post on Sept 25 and this is the first time since starting this that I have taken the time to sit down and sew.  This weekend I did start (and finish!) the square quilt which was quilt 2 of 3.  Crazymomquilts didn’t include a tutorial but since she gave the square size I was able to calculate everything from there and tailor one to baby size.  On another sitting I cut about half the fabric I needed but I completed all sewing today. 

I even managed to complete the backing and basting of this quilt.  Hopefully I’ll finish the quilting and have some new pictures to show you soon.

I never thought i would say I am getting tired of pink and green BUT I think I have been working with these fabrics quite a bit and I need to take a break, pick up a side project (hopefully something to finish quickly) before finishing off the final quilt.  I am leaning towards this pattern and trying to resist the urge to cut into my hometown charm pack (we’ll see how that goes!).

So it is now Nov 10 and I am just sitting down to finish this post!!  The quilt came together quickly but work has been crazy and I didn’t have time to finish sewing on the binding.  Thanks to a few business trips to Melbourne I was able to take advantage of sewing on the plane and knocked out a bit and then I attended a SCQuilter’s quilting meeting and was able to finish it completely. 

For show and tell I shared both of my pink and green quilts and the ladies loved them (gush!).  It is so nice to receive praise for your work.  I am still my own biggest critic so I could see my small mistakes but my skill has certainly improved over the past 1.5 years so I’m proud of it!

I thought the binding was too pale and didn’t really pop but everyone said it was perfect for the quilt.  Again, more music to my ears!  The binding used was the back of the first quilt so I am determined to use fabric from my stash where possible and save on spending more on fabric!  Let’s see if I can keep this up for quilt 3.  In all honesty quilt 3 will likely be the same pattern of this one because I have a few squares left over :-/.  I know that’s not very exciting but I’m running out of time to get these quilts done before I leave for the states!



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November 10, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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