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Being home has been a MUCH NEEDED break from work, from Sydney and from all the stress!  But it also means that I haven’t been sewing!  I’ve made this right in my mind by spending some time in my local quilt shop and planning projects to start when I return.

I got a little help when I received this bunch of fabric in the mail yesterday!  HOW CUTE IS THE ANIMAL PRINT!   There is some cute backing and binding fabric but unfortunately that pic was fuzzy!  I will be sure to post more pictures as I progress on this quilt.  I will be making this quilt on behalf of one of my friends who will gift it to one of her friends.  Gotta love it!  This one needs to be done by February just in time for the new baby! 

I have already started thinking about patterns.  This one is the front runner but as I will keep hunting as I catch up on reading my quilting blogs!  Just in case I ordered this ruler and rushed the shipping so it arrives before I return to Sydney.

Thanks to my mom I am branching out to other crafty things…bags!  I don’t typically buy patterns (have I mentioned that?!?) but the quilt store in Cary has sooo many cute ones to choose from (at super reasonable prices).    So thanks to mom buying the two patterns I snuck back to the quilt store today for the rest of the supplies to make the bags.  My justification is that these cost a fraction of the price in the US compared to AU prices so I got a deal, right?

In the picture above (left), the top fabric is the outside fabric, the bottom fabric is the accent strip at the top and the middle fabric will be the inside.  I’m excited to be using batiks (I don’t typically sew with them), the quilt store had so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from.  I will be sure to take plenty of pictures along the way because this is WAY outside of my comfort zone.  Remember I’m not a sewer, I have been quilting for 1.5 years after taking a 8 week class so I’m nervous to be teaching myself something new.

I think I prefer the larger bag (to the right) but I will take a shot at both and report back.  Mom is trying to convince me to go back to the quilt store tomorrow for the bag pattern with the zip top (I think she may be a bad influence!).

My Mom also got me a scissor pal!!!  This is so cute and will hopefully help the mister distinguish my sewing scissors from the all purpose scissors (that is win/win).  These are a good idea if you are going to a sewing class as well to ensure your scissors don’t get mixed up with other students’. 

Now for the REAL reason I HAD to go back for more fabric.  My highest priority upon return to AU will be working with this fabric on a milestone quilt for a special someone.  I can’t say anymore because they will be reading…but watch this space!

What do yall think of this fabric?

The pattern is already picked out, I just need to get back to my sewing machine to get started!!


Written by Kyishia

December 22, 2011 at 12:18 pm

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  1. My fabric choices look good on camera, especially the way you have it all layed out. Patting myself on the back, lol. Maybe you’ll have enough scraps left over to go into some of your other projects. And I love the black and white fabric, that will be a gorgeous quilt when done.


    December 23, 2011 at 10:44 am

  2. I was indeed a little slow…but now we know why she needed the black and white fabric!


    January 10, 2012 at 10:54 am

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