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January Bee Blocks- Sew Australia

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Let me first say do not underestimate the value of a hand written note!  I usually make a point to include a note along with the blocks when I send them back but occasionally I receive a hand written note as well.  This month was on of those months, Jeannette wrote me a lovely note and I’m inspired again by my bees, this is what it’s all about!  I also discovered there is another American in the group!I LOVE receiving fabric in the mail for my bees and the blocks selected typically challenge me to do something that is not immediately on my “to quilt” list.

For the Sew Australia January block we were asked to create aqua and orange spider web blocks using this tutorial.  We were asked to make two blocks but Jeannette sent an extra 12″ block “just in case”…ha!  I completely understand this because I do get nervous with new blocks and feel like I will somehow mess up.  It was nice having a safety net.  I’ve made one of these blocks before so I tried to make all three (a nice note in my fabric package goes a long way!).

These blocks came together very quickly, the strips were precut and there were so many fabrics to choose from!  Aqua and orange are growing on me…slowly but surely ;-).

The triangles act as a guide for where to put your strips and then you cut away the guide after shaping up the triangle.  This yields so much wastage!  I hate wastage!  If living in Australia has taught me anything, its to not be wasteful (fabric is EXPENSIVE!).  I reused some of the strips cut away to square up the triangle…hopefully she doesn’t mind some repeats!

I managed to complete 2.75 blocks before running out of orange fabric.  Every little bit helps though, right?

I really should make a quilt using this block one day.  It would be a great stash buster…I just need to get a handle on my stash…at the moment it’s all over the place!!



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February 5, 2012 at 11:59 pm

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