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Trying My Hand at Circles

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Before I left the US in December from visiting my family, one of my besties sent me some fabric to make a baby quilt for one of her friends.  The timing was perfect since we knew she would be in Sydney visiting in February to celebrate our birthdays and could just pick it up (versus incurring that steep AU shipping cost).

I actually made a point to take pictures throughout the process but unfortunately my sim card got ruined (how that happened is a mystery).  So I don’t have as many in process pics to show you…sorry!

I wanted a pattern to show off the CUTE animal print selected so we settled on the running in circles quilt that Amanda Jean shows off here.  I ordered Elisa’s backporch curve templates but unfortunately they did not arrive before I left home (ugghhhh and the vendor didn’t let me know!).  However I managed to find a vendor that shipped overseas and I got the rulers in record time when I reordered from elsewhere.  The good news was this quilt came together IN NO TIME.

I used to be scared of circles but between Amanda Jean’s tutorial and the rulers…everyone should try out circles!

So glad I finished this in time!


Written by Kyishia

February 13, 2012 at 11:00 pm

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