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Before I start working on two larger projects (a queen size quilt and a throw size quilt), I am trying to sneak in two baby quilts to put on sale in my etsy shop.

I have been eyeing this quilt on pinterest. And once I located this tutorial and this facebook page, I became obsessed…as I do. So last weekend I dug around my stash and found some coordinating fabrics I bought late last year on sale and started cutting. Yes it does give me great pleasure to dig around my stash and come up with a new project. One of my friends has asked for a post on my stash so watch this space for that. I don’t have alot (as compared to others) but it has gotten significantly larger in the past few months and I’m trying to get a handle on it (since I won’t live in Australia forever!).

Friday I arrived back from Melbourne a little earlier – the traffic showed me some mercy and I was able to get on an earlier flight. I enjoy working in Melbourne but it sure feels good to come home! Friday was a boys’ night for Reggie and I took full advantage of the night to sew. There really is nothing like ordering in great thai and settling down in front of my sewing machine with a glass of white wine.

Saturday it was raining…yet another excuse to stay in and SEW!! I managed to finish the quilt top and I cut way too much fabric so I’ll have TWO of these on sale in my etsy shop shortly!

I really love the placement of the bow ties and how it creates the white squres with rounded corners in the middle. I AM A FAN!

The white fabric in the middle is a patterned white fabric. There are also two fabrics with little birdies on them and I think they are my favorites.

I recognize that creating quilts with pink and green fabric is my sweet spot but I really like this one with the orangish and teal fabric too.

I have pieced the back for this quilt (using more fabric from my stash!) and started the quilting. I’m trying a variegated thread for the first time AND IT’S PINK! Usually I quilt using a cream thread but I’m taking a step out on the adventurous side.

So what do you think? Know someone having a baby girl? The etsy link will be up soon!




Written by Kyishia

March 19, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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