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Sew Australia- March

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This week I was able to spend a few days at home before being required to head off to Melbourne for work. It is so nice to have weekday nights at home! I managed to squeeze in some much needed gym time and sewing time…particularly much needed time to finish some bee blocks.

This month in my Sew Australia bee we are making Granny Squares. These blocks have been popping up all over the internet and flickr. They didn’t immediately made it to my “must make” list…for some reason I don’t do alot of quilting using the same block but this one has changed my mind!

I thought the block was bigger (standard 12.5″) based on pictures on the internet but this is a tiny block! It finished at 9.5″. These blocks came together very quickly especially since the owner pre cut the fabrics for us…I REALLY LOVE WHEN THEY DO THIS!

WE were asked to leave the “dog ears” on these blocks so the owner could square them up (and ensure all the blocks are the same size).

The red and green one makes me think of Christmas, I think it’s quite yummy!

I think this block is another great idea for using up some of my scraps…I must start on some projects to use those up in the coming months!

In other news, there was a fabric delivery this week!! I absolutely love getting fabric in the mail! I’m sure even when I move back to the US I will likely do most of my ordering online because it really brings me joy to open these packages! I will be thrilled to get packages within the week versus 10-14 days later when I may have forgotten what I ordered by the time it arrives, but hey, that’s adding to the surprise. The charm squares are for more baby quilts…hey this is my bread and butter these days! I don’t have anyone in mind but I like to keep fabric on hand just in case. These two fabric lines are gender neutral and as much as I love me some sweetwater (hometown pictured left), I’m SOOO EXCITED about the pezzy print (pictured right).

These days I have more ideas than actual time to sew, hopefully you’ll see some new stuff for me in the coming weeks.


Written by Kyishia

March 27, 2012 at 9:47 pm

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