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I’d love to say I’ve been super productive and had something fabulous to share with you all….but that’s not the case!  I have LOTS of ideas though!  I’ve been thinking non stop about all the things I want to create and of course doing my share of pinning on pinterest (I should be concerned that occasionally I’m prone to obsessive behavior).  If there was only the time to sit down and start/complete some projects.  Let me give you a taste of what’s been going on at Chez Kyishia.   I have this project for starters, I thought it was a quick project so I could get something up in my etsy store….BUT…..after I finished the quilting I’m not so sure.  I used variegated thread that really pops on all the white in the quilt but I”m no professional more so than usual I’m pointing out all my flaws in the quilting.  I’m in the middle of handsewing the binding so I’ll revisit when it’s all finsihed, washed and photographed and I’ll make a call from there.

Because I quilt I get alot of questions about sewing, Reggie asks can I hem his pants, my client wants me to make him a sweater, I would love to make myself a summer dress.  But the reality is I can’t sew, I can quilt.  HOWEVER, I am working on changing that.  I have recently become obsessed with bags, I purchased this pattern.  I am working on Style C, the big bag, for my little sister (sshhhh it’s a surprise!).  Because she has done so well in volley ball this season I thought I would make her a bag and fill it with Aussie treats to congratulate her (especially since I have not seen a single game this year due to living in Oz).  As of now I have cut half of the materials required for the bag….this is a priority for the weekend.

To further complicate things, I received a fabric delivery this week!  Boy do I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting fabric in the mail!  The fabric at the top left corner is more of the Twirl fabric I used in this quilt.

The fabric to the right is for my friend Nina who has commissioned me to make her a pink & green (right up my alley!) lap quilt.  We have agreed the pattern so there is nothing left to do but GET STARTED!  This is Vanessa Christenson’s Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Bundle for sale here.

At about the same time my old neighbor (in Atlanta) commissioned me to make a queen size quilt. 

The blue/green fabric to the right is Brooke’s!  I’m so excited the fabric has arrived.  I need to select and order some coordinating solid fabric for Brooke’s quilt (and that will be done before the weekend’s over!), but we have also agreed a pattern.  I love that so many of my friends appreciate the art of making something from scratch!  The fabric is Thimble Stitch Organic Fat Quarter Bundle by Betz White for Robrt Kaufman Fabrics, its for sale here.

There was also something oh so small for me in this delivery….a pattern!  I have been eyeing this bag for longer than I care to admit.  The pattern is finally her but I have not yet settled on my fabrics (sigh!).  I would like to use this bag for all things quilty when I go to my monthly quilting meetings.  Every girl needs a bag for her craft!

That’s all from me…for now!  I’ll be back soon with some finished projects!


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April 17, 2012 at 8:21 am

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