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Bowtie Quilt COMPLETED!

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Since at this very moment I’m waiting on my finished bowtie quilt to dry so I can photograph and post pictures, I figured I would take advantage of this time to show you some new fabric!  A few weeks ago Claire and I went to a fabric sale at Remnant Warehouse and did a bit of damage.  I have also been encouraged to do better about telling you guys the name of the fabric I post, so I updated my last post to show my intent to do better ;-).

I really like that Remnant Warehouse sells their end of bolts and scrap cuts, I picked up some for cheap.  I’m not sure of the name of the red and white fabric but it will go towards my mom’s quilt (yes Mom, I’m still working on your quilt).  The turquoise and white fabric is A Day in the Country. 

In the picture to the left, from top to bottom we have Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott for Moda, A Day in the Country (this is an Aussie fabric designer but there is nothing on my selvedge so I don’t have any more details to give!), and Palette Pleasure.  

I plan to use these fabrics for binding but I don’t have any particular quilt in mind…let’s just call this stash building. 

The fabric to the right is unknown, just some extra wide fabric that was on sale.  I love extra wide fabric for binding, it means less work for me.  I like to piece backs but only when I’m using left over fabric from the front of the quilt.  It really annoys me to have to piece fabric when I’m using all of the same fabric.  Katy at I’m a Ginger Monkey has been making headway on this topic and getting Moda to print more of the designer fabric extra wide to make the quilting process more efficient.  I’m ready to get on my letter writing campaign to help out on this one…it only makes sense!

The final bit of fabric I purchased was a layer Cake of Domestic Bliss, it is GORGEOUS.  While shopping at Remnant Warehouse we ran into two more friends from the SCQuilters meetings and we all wound up grabbing one of these!  Good thing there was just enough, otherwise this could have been like shopping at Walmart on Black Friday ;-).  It may be awhile before I’m able to cut this layer cake, right now I’m content just fondling it (don’t judge me!).

Ok, now to my quilting update of the week.  Between a quilting session at Claire’s house on Tuesday (where I probably talked and drank more wine than actually sewed) and a Sunday couch session I managed to finish the binding on the bowtie quilt.  I REALLY like the bow tie quilt I’m just not sure about the quilting.  I think the lesson for me is that I’m not ready for variegated threads yet.  I like my quilting to be done in cream and to blend with the quilt.  After pulling this one out the wash it is back on my good side.  I love the colors, the design and even the pink quilting is growing on me!


My plan of attack for the week is to cut the Bloggers Choice fabric pictured here.  Reggie has a friend coming to visit on May 8 and woudn’t it be wonderful if I was able to finish this quilt for my friend and send it back with him!  Let’s hope I get ambitioius over the next few days and can pull this off.  I have started off on the right foot by purchasing the pattern today!  

Heavenly, I haven’t forgotten about you.  My ‘sewing room’ has been in disarray and in no shape to show the internet world.  Thanks to my rental agency wanting to do an inspection this week that all had to change so I will be posting pictures of where I sew by the end of the week.


Written by Kyishia

April 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm

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  1. HAHA!! I have been checking your blog frequently to see if you posted something on your sewing space.

  2. HAHA! I have been randomly checking to see if you posted anything about your sewing space!

    Heavenly Carmon

    April 24, 2012 at 2:41 am

    • I just wanted you to know I have not forgotten! My sewing area has never looked this good, I just need to clear some of my office crap from in the room and I’m ready to photograph….I think you’ll be surprised with how little space I have…it is afterall my dining room! But the pictures are to come.


      April 24, 2012 at 8:59 am

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