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I have had the past three days off of work which means ALOT of sewing. But before I post about this week’s projects I wanted to make good on a promise to Heavenly to show you my “sewing room”. It’s a “sewing room” and not a sewing room because it’s actually my dining room! I took over this space before Reggie moved to Australia otherwise I probably wouldn’t have a dedicated sewing area. It’s just so much easier to sew spontaneously when my machine is always set up. I like that there is a window in this space, the natural light is so much better especially when I’m quilting but I do tend to keep the blinds closed otherwise to prevent my fabric from fading.

Let’s talk about these bins to the right. The clear bin has fabric stash, mostly fabric for projects that I’m planning to start in the near future. The fabric in front of the clear bin is actually for projects in progress. The first bin with the red top has scraps (I swear I’ll make a quilt from scraps only one day). The second bin with the red top has projects in progress (such as my blocks from quilt bees) but these are longer term, larger quilts that I pick up and put down. The last bin has batting in it (the cotton that goes in the middle of the quilt). I like to keep this on hand and stock up during the sales at Remnant Warehouse. This is one of the few things I always buy in Australia.

There are more drawers and more bins (see picture left). At the top in the blue carry case is….MORE FABRIC! This includes projects I usually take with me to SCQuilters, some applique work, my mom’s quilt, etc. Then there’s another clear bin that has more stash fabric. Both of these bins are sitting on top of a set of three drawers that includes EVEN MORE FABRIC!!! The top drawer includes rulers, pens/pencils, and other notions I have collected over the two years.

So this is my little space. I have acquired far more fabric than I intended. I started out buying fabric for projects and not allowing myself to buy more fabric until I used what I had….you see things quickly changed. This space has served its purpose but I am already starting to think about my house in Atlanta and turning my old office into a sewing room. This includes installing some cabinets to take advantage of the wall space (again this is a small room so I’m going to have to make the most of it). I’m also looking forward to upgrading my sewing machine!

So what do you think? Was it what you expected?


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April 28, 2012 at 9:15 am

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  1. Thanks for the post! Not what I expected but I really don’t know what I was expecting! Lol! From the looks of it it looks very organized and multi functional. Also it gives me a glimpse of how your apartment looks! I really appreciate you sharing and when are you coming back home (ATL)?

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