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Disappearing Nine Patch- Completed

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To say I’m pleased as punch with myself would be an understatement!  It has taken me ages (well not really but a great deal longer than usual), to finish the quilting on this quilt.  I tried “straight line” quilting for the first time and have finally embraced my walking foot, and boy am I glad I did.  In true Kyishia fashion, I have quilted this one within an inch of it’s life …I like alot of quiltng ;-).  The diagonal quilting in two directions created a plaid like look which actually looks more like a traditional quilt or what I envisioned traditional quilts to be.

I really, really like how this one turned out.  At first I wasn’t sold on the fabrics, it’s just not my usual palette, but there is something about a finished quilt!  I also pieced the binding, a bit of orange and blue and I like how this turned out as well.

The back is pieced with leftover fabrics from the front, along with a few prints I forgot to incorporate in the front (how does that happen!).  And I like the back as much as the front!  Love when that happens!

My pictures are so much better outside!  I don’t think taking pictures in the house does the quilts half as much justice, despite the winter winds and lack of daylight savings time I must make more of an effort to take pictures outside.

I’m glad this one is off my sewing table and finally finished because I RECEIVED A FABRIC DELIVERY!  This arrived just in time for me to get back to Nina’s Quilt.  This quilt is for sale in my etsy shop, go over and have a look!  Did you notice anything different?  I’ve been working on my branding, I have new business cards (pictures to come soon) and changed the banner in my Etsy shop.  What do you think?


Written by Kyishia

May 26, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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