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My “Sewing Room”

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I have had the past three days off of work which means ALOT of sewing. But before I post about this week’s projects I wanted to make good on a promise to Heavenly to show you my “sewing room”. It’s a “sewing room” and not a sewing room because it’s actually my dining room! I took over this space before Reggie moved to Australia otherwise I probably wouldn’t have a dedicated sewing area. It’s just so much easier to sew spontaneously when my machine is always set up. I like that there is a window in this space, the natural light is so much better especially when I’m quilting but I do tend to keep the blinds closed otherwise to prevent my fabric from fading.

Let’s talk about these bins to the right. The clear bin has fabric stash, mostly fabric for projects that I’m planning to start in the near future. The fabric in front of the clear bin is actually for projects in progress. The first bin with the red top has scraps (I swear I’ll make a quilt from scraps only one day). The second bin with the red top has projects in progress (such as my blocks from quilt bees) but these are longer term, larger quilts that I pick up and put down. The last bin has batting in it (the cotton that goes in the middle of the quilt). I like to keep this on hand and stock up during the sales at Remnant Warehouse. This is one of the few things I always buy in Australia.

There are more drawers and more bins (see picture left). At the top in the blue carry case is….MORE FABRIC! This includes projects I usually take with me to SCQuilters, some applique work, my mom’s quilt, etc. Then there’s another clear bin that has more stash fabric. Both of these bins are sitting on top of a set of three drawers that includes EVEN MORE FABRIC!!! The top drawer includes rulers, pens/pencils, and other notions I have collected over the two years.

So this is my little space. I have acquired far more fabric than I intended. I started out buying fabric for projects and not allowing myself to buy more fabric until I used what I had….you see things quickly changed. This space has served its purpose but I am already starting to think about my house in Atlanta and turning my old office into a sewing room. This includes installing some cabinets to take advantage of the wall space (again this is a small room so I’m going to have to make the most of it). I’m also looking forward to upgrading my sewing machine!

So what do you think? Was it what you expected?


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April 28, 2012 at 9:15 am

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Nina’s Quilt: False Start

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Tuesday evening felt like a Friday since I didn’t have to go to work on Wednesday (ANZAC day, public holiday), so I took advantage and did some sewing.  I had an important conference call with the US for work otherwise I would have been at Claire’s sewing :-(.

I have found my motivation to get back in the sewing room!  I purchased the pattern for Nina’s quilt earlier this week and set out to cutting the required pieces.  This quilt is going to come together so quickly!  I managed to sew half of the blocks required for this quilt (50 of the 100 blocks).

We’ll call this a false start because as usual I don’t have enough fabric!  Nina want’s a throw/lap size quilt and I ordered a fat quarter bundle to start with, I never like to order too much fabric which means I’m usually short!  I have since placed an order for two shades of kona pink fabric and fingers crossed it arrives next week so I can get back to it!  Since I was on a roll I cut the remaining printed fabric and counted to ensure I wasn’t short there as well (here’s to planning ahead!)

Nina wanted a quilt that focused on pink and green, I think the additional pink solids will bring more pink into the picture but I’m linking the current mix of colors (especially the grey).  I hope Nina likes the progress.  I’ll report back more on this one when I have received my fabric order and completed the quilt top.

In the meantime this has been packaged up and placed in my work in progress bin.

On to the next project!

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April 26, 2012 at 8:55 am

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Bowtie Quilt COMPLETED!

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Since at this very moment I’m waiting on my finished bowtie quilt to dry so I can photograph and post pictures, I figured I would take advantage of this time to show you some new fabric!  A few weeks ago Claire and I went to a fabric sale at Remnant Warehouse and did a bit of damage.  I have also been encouraged to do better about telling you guys the name of the fabric I post, so I updated my last post to show my intent to do better ;-).

I really like that Remnant Warehouse sells their end of bolts and scrap cuts, I picked up some for cheap.  I’m not sure of the name of the red and white fabric but it will go towards my mom’s quilt (yes Mom, I’m still working on your quilt).  The turquoise and white fabric is A Day in the Country. 

In the picture to the left, from top to bottom we have Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott for Moda, A Day in the Country (this is an Aussie fabric designer but there is nothing on my selvedge so I don’t have any more details to give!), and Palette Pleasure.  

I plan to use these fabrics for binding but I don’t have any particular quilt in mind…let’s just call this stash building. 

The fabric to the right is unknown, just some extra wide fabric that was on sale.  I love extra wide fabric for binding, it means less work for me.  I like to piece backs but only when I’m using left over fabric from the front of the quilt.  It really annoys me to have to piece fabric when I’m using all of the same fabric.  Katy at I’m a Ginger Monkey has been making headway on this topic and getting Moda to print more of the designer fabric extra wide to make the quilting process more efficient.  I’m ready to get on my letter writing campaign to help out on this one…it only makes sense!

The final bit of fabric I purchased was a layer Cake of Domestic Bliss, it is GORGEOUS.  While shopping at Remnant Warehouse we ran into two more friends from the SCQuilters meetings and we all wound up grabbing one of these!  Good thing there was just enough, otherwise this could have been like shopping at Walmart on Black Friday ;-).  It may be awhile before I’m able to cut this layer cake, right now I’m content just fondling it (don’t judge me!).

Ok, now to my quilting update of the week.  Between a quilting session at Claire’s house on Tuesday (where I probably talked and drank more wine than actually sewed) and a Sunday couch session I managed to finish the binding on the bowtie quilt.  I REALLY like the bow tie quilt I’m just not sure about the quilting.  I think the lesson for me is that I’m not ready for variegated threads yet.  I like my quilting to be done in cream and to blend with the quilt.  After pulling this one out the wash it is back on my good side.  I love the colors, the design and even the pink quilting is growing on me!


My plan of attack for the week is to cut the Bloggers Choice fabric pictured here.  Reggie has a friend coming to visit on May 8 and woudn’t it be wonderful if I was able to finish this quilt for my friend and send it back with him!  Let’s hope I get ambitioius over the next few days and can pull this off.  I have started off on the right foot by purchasing the pattern today!  

Heavenly, I haven’t forgotten about you.  My ‘sewing room’ has been in disarray and in no shape to show the internet world.  Thanks to my rental agency wanting to do an inspection this week that all had to change so I will be posting pictures of where I sew by the end of the week.

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April 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm

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A Little Bitty Update

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I’d love to say I’ve been super productive and had something fabulous to share with you all….but that’s not the case!  I have LOTS of ideas though!  I’ve been thinking non stop about all the things I want to create and of course doing my share of pinning on pinterest (I should be concerned that occasionally I’m prone to obsessive behavior).  If there was only the time to sit down and start/complete some projects.  Let me give you a taste of what’s been going on at Chez Kyishia.   I have this project for starters, I thought it was a quick project so I could get something up in my etsy store….BUT…..after I finished the quilting I’m not so sure.  I used variegated thread that really pops on all the white in the quilt but I”m no professional more so than usual I’m pointing out all my flaws in the quilting.  I’m in the middle of handsewing the binding so I’ll revisit when it’s all finsihed, washed and photographed and I’ll make a call from there.

Because I quilt I get alot of questions about sewing, Reggie asks can I hem his pants, my client wants me to make him a sweater, I would love to make myself a summer dress.  But the reality is I can’t sew, I can quilt.  HOWEVER, I am working on changing that.  I have recently become obsessed with bags, I purchased this pattern.  I am working on Style C, the big bag, for my little sister (sshhhh it’s a surprise!).  Because she has done so well in volley ball this season I thought I would make her a bag and fill it with Aussie treats to congratulate her (especially since I have not seen a single game this year due to living in Oz).  As of now I have cut half of the materials required for the bag….this is a priority for the weekend.

To further complicate things, I received a fabric delivery this week!  Boy do I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting fabric in the mail!  The fabric at the top left corner is more of the Twirl fabric I used in this quilt.

The fabric to the right is for my friend Nina who has commissioned me to make her a pink & green (right up my alley!) lap quilt.  We have agreed the pattern so there is nothing left to do but GET STARTED!  This is Vanessa Christenson’s Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Bundle for sale here.

At about the same time my old neighbor (in Atlanta) commissioned me to make a queen size quilt. 

The blue/green fabric to the right is Brooke’s!  I’m so excited the fabric has arrived.  I need to select and order some coordinating solid fabric for Brooke’s quilt (and that will be done before the weekend’s over!), but we have also agreed a pattern.  I love that so many of my friends appreciate the art of making something from scratch!  The fabric is Thimble Stitch Organic Fat Quarter Bundle by Betz White for Robrt Kaufman Fabrics, its for sale here.

There was also something oh so small for me in this delivery….a pattern!  I have been eyeing this bag for longer than I care to admit.  The pattern is finally her but I have not yet settled on my fabrics (sigh!).  I would like to use this bag for all things quilty when I go to my monthly quilting meetings.  Every girl needs a bag for her craft!

That’s all from me…for now!  I’ll be back soon with some finished projects!

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April 17, 2012 at 8:21 am

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Sew Australia- March

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This week I was able to spend a few days at home before being required to head off to Melbourne for work. It is so nice to have weekday nights at home! I managed to squeeze in some much needed gym time and sewing time…particularly much needed time to finish some bee blocks.

This month in my Sew Australia bee we are making Granny Squares. These blocks have been popping up all over the internet and flickr. They didn’t immediately made it to my “must make” list…for some reason I don’t do alot of quilting using the same block but this one has changed my mind!

I thought the block was bigger (standard 12.5″) based on pictures on the internet but this is a tiny block! It finished at 9.5″. These blocks came together very quickly especially since the owner pre cut the fabrics for us…I REALLY LOVE WHEN THEY DO THIS!

WE were asked to leave the “dog ears” on these blocks so the owner could square them up (and ensure all the blocks are the same size).

The red and green one makes me think of Christmas, I think it’s quite yummy!

I think this block is another great idea for using up some of my scraps…I must start on some projects to use those up in the coming months!

In other news, there was a fabric delivery this week!! I absolutely love getting fabric in the mail! I’m sure even when I move back to the US I will likely do most of my ordering online because it really brings me joy to open these packages! I will be thrilled to get packages within the week versus 10-14 days later when I may have forgotten what I ordered by the time it arrives, but hey, that’s adding to the surprise. The charm squares are for more baby quilts…hey this is my bread and butter these days! I don’t have anyone in mind but I like to keep fabric on hand just in case. These two fabric lines are gender neutral and as much as I love me some sweetwater (hometown pictured left), I’m SOOO EXCITED about the pezzy print (pictured right).

These days I have more ideas than actual time to sew, hopefully you’ll see some new stuff for me in the coming weeks.

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March 27, 2012 at 9:47 pm

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My Bowtie Quilt

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Before I start working on two larger projects (a queen size quilt and a throw size quilt), I am trying to sneak in two baby quilts to put on sale in my etsy shop.

I have been eyeing this quilt on pinterest. And once I located this tutorial and this facebook page, I became obsessed…as I do. So last weekend I dug around my stash and found some coordinating fabrics I bought late last year on sale and started cutting. Yes it does give me great pleasure to dig around my stash and come up with a new project. One of my friends has asked for a post on my stash so watch this space for that. I don’t have alot (as compared to others) but it has gotten significantly larger in the past few months and I’m trying to get a handle on it (since I won’t live in Australia forever!).

Friday I arrived back from Melbourne a little earlier – the traffic showed me some mercy and I was able to get on an earlier flight. I enjoy working in Melbourne but it sure feels good to come home! Friday was a boys’ night for Reggie and I took full advantage of the night to sew. There really is nothing like ordering in great thai and settling down in front of my sewing machine with a glass of white wine.

Saturday it was raining…yet another excuse to stay in and SEW!! I managed to finish the quilt top and I cut way too much fabric so I’ll have TWO of these on sale in my etsy shop shortly!

I really love the placement of the bow ties and how it creates the white squres with rounded corners in the middle. I AM A FAN!

The white fabric in the middle is a patterned white fabric. There are also two fabrics with little birdies on them and I think they are my favorites.

I recognize that creating quilts with pink and green fabric is my sweet spot but I really like this one with the orangish and teal fabric too.

I have pieced the back for this quilt (using more fabric from my stash!) and started the quilting. I’m trying a variegated thread for the first time AND IT’S PINK! Usually I quilt using a cream thread but I’m taking a step out on the adventurous side.

So what do you think? Know someone having a baby girl? The etsy link will be up soon!



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March 19, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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Sherbert: A Baby Quilt

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Despite the lack of blogging I have been doing a fair bit of sewing (not just obsessing over pinterest!). 

Remember this fabric?  I bought it while home in the US, it’s called Twirl and I LOVE IT!  A friend from high school is about to become a daddy for the first time and asked that I make a quilt for his daughter.  The baby is due mid March so I needed to get on the ball…and quickly!

Lately I’ve been getting my inspiration for baby quilts (using charm packs) from moda’s bake shop.  This quilt was no different.  Usually my baby quilts have very easy patterns so I can get them done quickly, but for some reason this pattern jumped out at me and since this is for an old friend I decided to spend the extra time.  Looking back at the contrast between the fabrics I have used and those used in the pattern, the fabric gives the pattern personality. 

I was asked to use pink and green in this quilt, I’m assuming that these are the colors of the baby’s room (but you know they are some of my fav colors to sew with!).  Instead of my usual white for the background I found some pink that coordinated beautifully in my stash.  I think it is adding to the sassiness of this quilt. 

This quilt is rating high up there in terms of favorites that I have made, I really like the pattern and this fabric line is just so vibrant!

The quilt top was a bit smaller than I wanted so I went ahead and added the border as suggested in the tutorial.  I don’t typically add borders to my quilts unless I’m in this situation.  No rhyme or reason for this other than I like most of my quilts without the border, makes the binding more important and gives it a chance to pop against the quilt top.  That’s ok, I just needed to find something bold to use as the border.  I am THRILLED I could pull the border, binding and backing from my STASH!!

It is such a good feeling to use the fabric you have on hand, feels like all that fabric shopping is not in vain.  Since I now have fabric busting out of my storage containers and completely taking over my dining room, I really need to get a handle on it and make sure I use something from my stash on every quilt (within reason).

The back of this one is pieced, I was just short of the green fabric but really like the strip of pink fabric.  I used the same pink for the binding as well.

This quilt is finished and in the mail, fingers crossed it arrives in time for the big day. 

I have had a number of requests from people who want custom quilts, 5 to be exact!  I’m thrilled that people value my craft!  Since I’m in the planning phase with all of these potential customers I am going to take the next few weeks to work on this quilt and to make some quilts to sell in my etsy store.

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March 14, 2012 at 9:45 am

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