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A Tiffany Quilt for Nina

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The lack of central heating in my apartment really dictates what I do in the evenings.  Unfortunately it tends to inspire me to be very lazy, snuggling up under a quilt on the couch versus sitting at my sewing machine.  Every winter I am shocked by how much the insulation sucks in my apartment!  But now since I’ve been nudged to blog, I need to show yall I haven’t been 100% lazy (maybe just 60%…ha!).

Soooooo…I finished Nina’s quilt!  Forgive the picture quality, these were taken inside…I swear we are in monsoon season!  But I couldn’t wait any longer to show this one off!

I really love the back on this one, it’s a perfect pink (that is really hard to photograph) and I love that it’s pieced!  AND that I had the foresight to put my label in the part that is pieced…versus my typical lower right hand corner.  I’m not sure where that comes from but like clockwork I ALWAYS put the label in the lower right hand corner!

Ok, here are a few more pictures.

I used the Tiffany Quilt pattern by Red Pepper Quilts.  Red Pepper Quilt’s pattern uses more natural tones but I REALLY like this one in the bold, pink, green, grey tones. 

This quilt will be great to snuggle under (I’m resisting the urge to break it in for Nina!).

Brooke, your quilt is up next!!


Written by Kyishia

June 8, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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